NATIONAL AVIATION UNIVERSITY, The National Aviation University was established in 1933. Till now, the university has offered quality education to about 25,000 students for the last many years. It is considered one of the best institutes of higher education in Ukraine. Around 1500 International students are enrolled in various programs. National Aviation university positively delivered around 200,000 specialists for 160 countries in the last 80 years. The university has been working to provide aviation training and make students learn and get knowledge of the field. In the last few years, the university tied up with other ventures and universities to strengthen students' knowledge. These collaborations help students to get better exposure. Highly Qualified professionals and doctors train the students during the program.

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Why to Choose National Aviation University for Higher Studies?

National Aviation University is one of the leading universities of Aviation in Ukraine:

  • National Aviation University is a well-built research and educational university with a total of 11 institutes in it.
  • The National Aviation University is a member of the International Association of Universities.
  • Training is provided to students in 50 areas, for example, technical, technological, humanitarian, socio-political, legal, and other fields.
  • Every year thousands of students enroll for various streams of Engineering and other programs.
  • It is a national and international training center for aviation and other fields.
  • The university has been able to produce around 200,000 experienced specialists for 150 countries.
  • The University has established powerful scientific schools in Aviation and various fields of Engineering.
  • Many of the graduates and postgraduates of the university work for the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • Highly Qualified professionals and doctors train the students during the program.
  • The National Aviation University teamed up with many organizations in the aviation industry of Ukraine.
  • Students of this university can use the computerized scientific and technical library to keep themselves updated.

National Aviation University - Fee Structure 2021

The details fee structure of Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree program is given below:

Program Annual Fee (In USD) Annual Fee (In INR)
Bachelors’ Degree 1,000 - 2,500 US$ Rs 70000 - Rs 175000
Masters’ Degree 1,000 $ - 2,500 US$ Rs 70000 - Rs 175000

Note: 1 USD = Rs 70

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for National Aviation University, students should check out the details mentioned below:

  • The student must have the passport and necessary documents.
  • To secure admission at National Aviation University, the students will have to clear the professional test and interview.

Admission Process

There are 4 steps to take admission at National Aviation University:

Step 1: Application Process

  • Download and fill the application form for National Aviation University
  • Mail the application form along with necessary documents at with the subject "Request to admit for study at the National Aviation University."
  • Take the Entrance Exam of the university.
  • Appear for the Interview after clearing the entrance exam.

Step 2: Visa Application

  • The university will issue an invitation letter after the student clears the entrance exam and interview.
  • After getting the invitation letter, pay the admission fee.
  • The Admission fee is 1578 UAH (56.40 USD).
  • Apply to the nearest Ukraine embassy for the visa in your respective country.
  • The cost of visa support is 324 UAH (11.58 USD).

Step 3: Inform the University

  • The students have to inform the university about the date and time of arrival.
  • A representative of the University to attend the student at the Boryspil/Kyiv International Airport.
  • The representative will proceed with the student to the university campus.
  • Step 4: Start the Course

    • After reaching the campus, the students have to submit the necessary documents.
    • The students should submit the documents to the Directorate of International Education Center IICE after reaching the university campus.
    • The students have to clear the introductory interview after reaching the university.

Documents Required at the Time of Application Process

Students have to mail these documents along with the form at the time of the application process:

  • Scanned Application form
  • Consent to use personal data
  • Scanned copy of the first page of the passport, it should consist
  • Full name
  • Citizenship
  • Date of birth
  • No. of passport
  • Permanent residence
  • Scanned copy of secondary school certificate/Bachelors' including the list of courses and grades received.

Documents Required for Admission

Given below is the list of documents that the students have to submit after reaching the university campus:

After reaching the university campus, the students have to submit the documents to the Directorate of International Education Center IICE.

  • Scanned copy of Passport and visa to live in Ukraine
  • Scanned copy of documents and certificates of secondary education with the list of subjects and marks.
  • Passport size photos- 8 (4x6 cm)

Courses Offered at National Aviation University

National Aviation University offers various facilities to International students after they reach the university campus:


Health and insurance Medical care

The students are provided Health and Medical Insurance in the university's own Medical Center, located on campus, and in state and municipal health care facilities in Kyiv.


Scientific and Technical Library

The University's Scientific and Technical Library (NTB) is one of the largest in Ukraine. Its holdings contain more than 2.5 million copies of publications printed in various languages.

Why Do Students Need an Invitation Letter?

National Aviation University issues invitation letter to students after they clear entrance exam and interview:

  • To obtain a visa to enter Ukraine
  • To justifying the purpose of entry at passport control
  • Admission to the university

Institutions/Faculty of National Aviation University

Not only in aviation but the university provides education in various fields:

ICAO Institute Institute of International Cooperation & Education
Institute of New Technologies & Leadership Educational & Scientific Institute of Continuing Education
Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies Aerospace Faculty
Cybersecurity Computer & Software Engineering
Air Navigation Electronics & Telecommunications
Environmental Safety Engineering & Technology
Transport Management & Logistics
Economics & Business Administration Linguistics & Social Communications
Architecture Construction & Design
International Relations Military Training of NAU

National Aviation University - Ranking 2021

According to UniRank ranking database, the country & world rank of the university is given below:

World Rank Country Rank
2672 10

National Aviation University - Course Duration

Details of program duration for the Bachelors' and MasterDegree course at National Aviation University are given below:

  • The course duration for Bachelors' Degree course is 4-4.5 years.
  • For Masters' Degree Course, the program duration is 1-1.5 years.

Note: The course duration also depends upon the specialty

Medium of Teaching

National Aviation University offers courses in various languages:

Courses at National Aviation University are offered in English, Russian and Ukrainian Languages.

Hostel & Accommodation

The university owns 11 hostels, and they are available for International students at affordable charges:

  • The cost of living in a hostel is from 56 to 297 UAH. Per month depending on the degree of comfort in the hostel.
  • Students can use a student bistro, cafe, cafeterias in each building. The The cost of lunch in the student Bistro is up to 15 UAH.

Cost of Living

National Aviation University is situated in Kyiv, and the average cost of living in Kyiv, Ukraine is 428.87$- 772.08$:

Particular Expenses (In USD) Expenses (In INR)
Accomodation 333.87$ - 569.08$ Rs 24645.52 - Rs 42008.18
Food 24$- 45$ Rs 1771.62 - Rs 3321.80
Transport 12$-21$ Rs 885.81 - Rs 1550.17
Clothing 39$-102$ Rs 2878.89 - Rs 7529.41
Other Expenses 20$- 35$ Rs 1476.35 - Rs 2583.62
Total 428.87$- 772.08$ Rs 31,658.19 - Rs 56,991

Note: 1USD = 73.82


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