With the 25 public universities and 50 private universities for medical education, MBBS in Bangladesh is a good choice for Indian students. It is one of the low-cost MBBS programs among foreign countries for Indian citizens. Students have to clear the eligibility criteria of the government of Bangladesh for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. According to the eligibility criteria of Bangladesh, they choose the best of the students which improve the quality of MBBS in Bangladesh. The quality of teaching of Bangladeshi Medical Universities reflects by the NMC passing percentage of MBBS in Bangladesh which is quite higher than any other country, i.e. 27-30%. Apart from the quality, the cost of MBBS in Bangladesh is also a positive point. The fees of MBBS course in universities in Bangladesh is very low as it comes under the SAARC quota admission criteria. The students who graduate from the best medical universities in Bangladesh are eligible to appear for major tests like the USMLE, PLAB the screening examination conducted by NMC and can practice in any country across the globe.

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Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh (Indian Students)

Know all the advantages the students get while pursuing medicine in bangladesh:

  • In top private & medical colleges of Bangladesh, 25% of seats are reserved for Indian students, hence there are more opportunities for them in Bangladesh.
  • If the students belonging to SAARC nation, then the students don't have to pay any tuition fee for medicine course in Bangladesh, hence they have to pay only for living cost.
  • The medium of instruction to study MBBS in Bangladesh is fully english, hence there is no need for any language training.
  • Every top medical universities in Bangladesh are recognized by NMC & WHO, which make them globally acknowledged.
  • There is a direct admission to MBBS course in Bangladesh without any donation or capitation fees.
  • No entrance exam required for MBBS admission in most of medical universities.
  • Students get an opportunities to do 1 year internship in some of the best private & government hospitals.
  • Practical and training methods are used to improve the skills of the students.
  • Affordable tuition fee for studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh Fee Structure 2021

All the NMC approved Bangladeshi Medical Universities and their fee structure:

Name of the Universities Tuition Fees Hostel Fees
University of Dhaka Rs. 31,50,000 Rs. 6,04,800
Rajshahi University Rs. 30,17,000 Rs. 5,04,000
University of Chittagong Rs. 25,20,000 Rs. 6,04,800
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology Rs. 26,60,000 Rs. 6,55,200
Bangladesh University of Professionals Rs. 30,17,000 Rs. 5,04,000
Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College Rs. 28,00,000 Rs. 5,50,000
Mainamoti Medical College Rs. 45,50,000 Rs. 5,50,000
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College Rs. 70,00,000 Rs. 40,00,000
Kumudini Women's Medical College Rs. 30,10,000 Rs. 4,50,000
Dhaka Central International Medical College Rs. 26,25,000 Rs. 4,00,000
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Rs. 30,80,000 Rs. 4,00,000
President Abdul Hamid Medical College Rs. 17,50,000 Rs. 3,00,000
Dhaka Community Medical College Rs. 17,50,000 Rs. 3,00,000
Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College Rs. 30,00,000 Rs. 2,10,000
Rangpur Community Medical College Rs. 27,65,000 Rs. 5,00,000
Dhaka National Medical College Rs. 39,62,000 Rs. 3,50,000

Disclaimer: Tuition fees of the medical universities mentioned in the table are subject to fluctuation. Contact Select Your University for more details regarding tuition fees, hostel cost, and conversion of USD to INR.

Eligibility Criteria

Here is the criteria considered for MBBS admission in the Bangladesh:

We will take you through the simple admission procedure & on behalf of you we will perform every process of admission honestly. You just need to submit all the required documents to us.

Students scoring good marks in 10+2 exam will be given an opportunity to obtain scholarship in Bangladesh medical universities.

We assure your admission to medical universities in Bangladesh, if you are eligible for below criteria:

  • There should not be gap of more than 2 years after completing 12th education.
  • The students must have 60% in 12th standard in (PCB).
  • Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC & HSC should be as per instruction of government of Bangladesh.
  • All medical students have to clear NEET exam with good marks.

Admission Process

A process of admission followed in Bangladesh involves the following steps:

Step 1: Fill the application form/ or get it filled by online staff of institutes.

Step 2: Submit the scan copies of your passport, and other necessary documents.

Step 3: Collect the admission letter from university.( Within 10 working days)

Step 4: After the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure shall be started.

Step 5: Visit the Bangladesh Embassy in Delhi after receiving the invitation letter (within one month).

Step 6: Check, Evaluate and authenticate every document before applying for visa.

Documents Required

The list of documents students should organize for MBBS admission:

  • Xerox of valid passport
  • 8 passport size recent photos (4.5 * 3.5)
  • All the documents must be attested by competent authority i.e, the education minister of respective country and also by the Bangladesh Mission Abroad.
  • Students have to submit all their original documents during their admission.

MBBS in Bangladesh: Intake for 2021

Check all the important dates occurred while taking the MBBS admission in Bangladesh:

Events Dates
Application Start Date February
Last Date of Application May
Course Commences From August

Recognition of Bangladesh MBBS Universities

The details of medical council who approved the colleges in bangladesh:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Study Pattern for MBBS in Bangladesh

A complete syllabus of medical studies in the universities of Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, the years and course are known as “Phase”. After completing all four phases, students need to go for 1 year of internship in Bangladesh. This internship in Bangladesh is optional for the Indian students.

The study pattern of Bangladeshi medical colleges is similar to Indian medical colleges and NMC. Check out the complete MBBS syllabus in Bangladesh

Syllabus of MBBS in Bangladesh with Study Pattern:

Phase and year Subject Parts Marks (Written + Oral + Practical + Formative) Total
First Phase (1 and a half year) Anatomy 180 +150 +150 +20 500
Physiology 180 +150 +150 +20 400
Biochemistry 180 +150 +150 +20 400
Second Phase(1 year) Community medicine -Internal medicine
-Venereal diseases
-Physical Medicine
90+100+100+10 300
Forensic Medicine 90+100+100+10 300
Third Phase(1 year) Pharmacology & Therapeutic 90+100+100+10 300
Pathology -General Pathology
-Systematic Pathology
-Clinical Pathology
90+100+100+10 300
Microbiology -Bacteriology
90+100+100+10 300
Fourth Phase (1 and a half year) Medicine and Allied Subjects 180+100+100+20+100(clinical) 300
Allied Subjects
- General
Regional Surgery
-Blood Transfusion
180+100+100+20+100 (clinical) 500
Neonatology & family planning
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 180+100+100+20+100 (clinical) 500

What is the SAARC Quota Admission?

The concessions you get under SAARC quota while studying in bangladesh:

  • The SAARC Quota Admission criteria state that if a student taking admission in Bangladesh for MBBS contains the SAARC nation’s nationality, then he/she can get admission without paying the tuition fees.
  • The cost of living in Bangladesh is very low as compared to other countries.
  • The student needs to pay for living costs.
  • But the twist is that the student needs to secure 95% in 12th class examination.

NMC Passing Percentage of MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh ranks at the top position in the highest NMC passing ratios:

  • Every student who is pursuing a medical degree from abroad has to clear the NMC screening test to practice in India.
  • Bangladesh has a good history of NMC screening test results.
  • The NMC Passing percentage of the students completing their MBBS from Bangladeshi universities is more than 30%.
  • Bangladesh holds the first position with this result. Other countries like Georgia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other countries have the passing percentage of NMC screening test between 19-25%.

Top Medical Colleges Ranking in Bangladesh 2021

These are the top medical colleges in Bangladesh to apply in 2021:

University Name Country Ranking World Ranking
University of Dhaka 2 3338
Rajshahi University 7 4950
University of Chittagong 9 5797
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology 16 7182
Bangladesh University of Professionals 46 7768
University of Science and Technology, Chittagong 66 10096
Gono Bishwabiddyalay (Gono University) 79 10795

Is it Worth to Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Studying MBBS bangladesh is one of the best experience and here is why:

  • Quality of infrastructure and education are truly remarkable in comparison to other developing countries.
  • All private and government hospitals are completely well-equipped with great infrastructure and modern technology.
  • The cost of living in Bangladesh is very low as compared to other countries.
  • The medical students are able to attend various international seminars and conferences throughout the course.
  • There is a Working opportunities after completing the course of MBBS in Germany.
  • Accommodation provided with all necessary facilities by medical universities.
  • Safety and security of foreign students is ensured by the campus.

Duration of MBBS (MD) Course in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the shortest duration of MBBS course:

Course duration of MBBS in Bangladesh is 5 years with clinical & electives.

MBBS course structure in Bangladesh: Semester is divided into 3 phases:

  • Pre-clinical phase
  • Para-Clinical phase
  • Clinical phase

What are the Disadvantages of Studying Medicine Course in Bangladesh?

Drawback of studying in Bangladesh to know before you apply for MBBS:

  • Students need to learn native languages to diagnose patients.
  • Bangladesh is quite similar to Indian culture and weather, so there is not much exploring experience abroad.
  • There is no nightlife like parties and pubs.

MBBS in Bangladesh - Is it Safe for Indian Students?

It is absolutely safe and secure for students to reside in Bangladesh during studies:

  • Bangladesh is totally a dry country, so it is safe for Indian students as no alcohol or any kind of drugs is available in this country.
  • Safety and security of foreign students is ensured by the campus and government of Bangladesh.
  • Although, the crime rates in Bangladesh against the international students are very low.

After Completing MBBS from Bangladesh

About the career opportunities for students after doing graduation in Bangladesh:

  • Do PG in India/abroad
  • Practice as a surgeon in the hospital
  • Practice in any Government hospital
  • Practice as a private surgeon
  • Give lectures in medical colleges in India and hospitals as a professor
  • Join government health organizations for planning health issues of the country
  • Various government jobs as health officers

Hostel Facilities for Indian Students during MBBS in Bangladesh

All the colleges in Bangladesh offer accommodation facilities for international students:

  • The medical universities are fully residential.
  • Every student can occupy their vacant seats in hostel.
  • Hostels are provided with facilities like dining room, TV, gymnasium, games & many more.
  • Whole hostel campus is covered with CCTV cameras & security guards, as safety is first priority for all students

Climate Condition

The temperature of the Bangladesh is similar to average Indian climate:

Bangladesh has a subtropical rainstorm atmosphere described by wide seasonal varieties in rainfall, temperature and mugginess. Mostly, the seasonal climate of Bangladesh is likely associated with Indian climate.

Time Difference Between India & Bangladesh

There is not a huge difference in the time zone of both countries:

The timing zone for Bangladesh is +6MT. (Indian time +5:30 GMT). It means that, the difference between Indian and Bangladesh climates is about half an hour.

About Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh is a country situated in the east of India.
  • It is one of the most populated countries in Asia.
  • The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka.
  • Bangladesh has the Padma, Jamuna and Meghna rivers which have made the beautiful fertile plains.
  • Bangladesh has Islam as the official and maximum religion.
  • There are also Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity religion with a few numbers of people.
  • Due to the rivers in Bangladesh, traveling through the boat is very common in the country.

Religion Islam
Currency Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)
Exchange Rate (as of January 2020) 1Rs.= 1.20 BDT
Population 16.47 crore
Language Bengali
Climate Winter min 11-degree Celcius - max 34-degree Celcius
Time Difference Bangladesh is 30 minutes ahead of India


MBBS is an immensely valued degree or course across the globe and it is totally worth to study MBBS in abroad with top NMC approved medical universities or schools with affordable fee structure & without any donation for MBBS admission in different countries. To study MBBS in abroad is all becoming priority for every medical student especially from Indians. Since the quality of education is very high in abroad to study MBBS, the number of Indian students are keep increasing with the dream to study abroad. From last few years, many Indian students are studying in USA specially, 94,563 from India to the USA in 2007-2008. There are numerous reason to study MBBS abroad.

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