MBA IN UKRAINE ,Have you ever thought about pursuing an MBA in Ukraine? 7000 - 8000 Indians study in Ukraine every year. Although the majority of the students learn medicine, still a considerable portion of students choose to study an MBA course in Ukraine. Kyiv Business School, International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv), and International Institute of Business (IAB) are some of the top management colleges in Ukraine to learn MBA. The course takes two years to complete, but the general term depends on the specialization. The course of business management offered by these universities is inexpensive and costs around 5 - 6 lakhs for full years. In order to study an MBA course in Ukraine, you must have legitimate work experience, a bachelor’s degree, and an excellent passing score of IELTS/TOEFL. After 2 years of the MBA program, students have worldwide opportunities to build careers in management science. Specialization is available in leading industrial sectors like Technology, marketing, finances, human resource, production, online marketing, etc. Students capitalize the placements at a top managerial position. Reputed international companies like PwC Strategy &, Bain & Company, AlixPartners, Accenture Strategy, AT Kearney hire the best talents after graduation of MBA in Ukraine.

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MBA in Ukraine: Quick Overview 2021

Here are the features of learning MBA course in the Universities of Ukraine:

Course Level Post Graduate
Course Duration 2 Years
Annual Tuition Fees 5 - 6 lakhs
Entrance Exams GMAT
Examination Type Semester Pattern
Course Type Regular/Executive
Medium of Education English Language
Top University Kiev Business School

Why Should You Study MBA in Ukraine?

Important benefits of studying MBA courses in the Universities of Ukraine for Indian students:

  • MBA programs offered in Ukraine are quite affordable and budget-friendly compared to other international universities.
  • A management degree's training program is followed by practically driven approaches rather than focusing on theoretical aspects of studies.
  • Students get to avail innumerable career opportunities after graduating with an MBA course in Ukraine.
  • The universities in MBA for students deliver all types of specialized programs on business studies.
  • The faculty staff of the universities is globally renowned leaders, entrepreneurs, and retired management professionals.
  • Students get the best services and facilities and quality education that enhances students full potential to become world leaders.
  • Various events, organizational activities, management games, functions, and different programs are arranged for the students overall progress.

MBA in Ukraine: Fee Structure

Average tuition fees of top business schools in Ukraine:

Name of University Program Average Fees
International Institute of Business (IIB) Executive MBA 11,68,417
Kiev Business School Executive MBA 3,01,260
International Management Institute (MIM-Kiev) Executive MBA 12,94,895
Ukrainian Catholic University - Lviv Business School (LvBS) Executive 15,32,266
Kiev School of Economics Full-Time 8,87,960
Kyiv Mohyla Business School President's MBA 24,41,237
KROK University Part-Time 2,85,677
School of HRM Human Resource 1,63,615

Note: 1 USD = 70 RS

Total Duration of MBA Course in Ukraine

The details about the duration require to complete MBA course in Ukraine:

The course duration of MBA degree depends on the chosen specialization. However, the general time required to do an MBA course in Ukraine is 2 years.

Eligibility Criteria

Read about qualification criteria required for the admission of MBA in Ukraine:

  • A bachelor’s course completed from a recognized board or university.
  • A minimum of 3 years of working experience is mandatory for admission.
  • A valid score of the English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL) is required too.
  • The student should have cleared the entrance exam (GMAT) with a good percentile.

Admission Process of MBA in Ukraine (Step-by-Step)

Refer the steps involved in the procedure of MBA admission in Ukraine:

Step 1: Admission starts with filling the online application form.

Step 2: Documents are required to send with the admission form.

Step 3: The university will verify the eligibility standards of the application.

Step 6: The university will deliver an invitation letter as a confirmation.Selected candidates apply for student’s VISA to fly to Ukraine.

Step 6: Selected candidates apply for student’s VISA to fly to Ukraine.

List of All Important Documents Required for the Admission

Follow this list of documents required for the admission of MBA course in Ukraine:

  • Application form.
  • 3 Photographs (Size: 3x4 cm).
  • Original invitation letter.
  • Certificate of medical health.
  • HIV/AIDS Test reports.
  • Certificate of completion of higher secondary education.
  • Official bank documents that confirm financial capacity to pay the tuition fees.

Syllabus of MBA Course in Ukraine

A detailed syllabus and the subjects listed in MBA curriculum in Ukraine:

Subjects included in the syllabus of General MBA:

Team building Business mathematics for the leader
Formation and development of effective teams Strategic management
Development of economic thinking of the leader Marketing management
Entrepreneurship Project management: from idea to implementation
Financial analysis and anti-crisis practices management Business and cross-cultural communications
Management accounting Operational management
Enterprise business process management International business and the global economic environment
Big data management and modern information technologies Digital marketing
Financial management Business valuation and value-oriented management
Leadership and human capital management
Masterclasses and workshops
Business law in modern economic conditions
Communication Weeks

Note: Final project (It involves integration of knowledge and their practical.

Implementation on the example of an active business operation or startup development.

System of Management Education in Ukraine

There are 11 types of MBA programs offered in the Ukrainian business schools:

  • The level of MBA curriculum depends on the type of MBA program.
  • MBA course runs for two years, where the last year is for specialization.
  • All major managerial specializations are available in Ukraine.
  • All these programs' common focus is to develop leadership and offer practical exposure to the business management realm.

Types of MBA Programs in Ukraine

These are the types of MBA courses offered in Universities of MBA:

Part-Time MBA Executive MBA
General MBA International MBA
Modular MBA Senior Executive MBA
Evening MBA Key Executive MBA
PMD (Pre-MBA) President's MBA
Ukrainian MBA -
Agro MBA -
MBA in Human Resource Management -

Scholarship in Ukraine

Presented below is the information regarding scholarship opportunities in Ukraine:

  • Ukraine supports international education with active participation in international conferences and their investment in the educational sector.
  • The universities offer numerous scholarship programs in Ukraine to facilitate the students based on specific criteria.
  • Students either receive a concession in their tuition fees (50% off) or get paid an annual payout as the benefits of a scholarship.
  • The university determines the criteria for the scholarship, and the university will provide the details.
  • Some popular scholarship programs are Gilman Scholarship, Boren Awards, School of Russian and Asian Students, IREX, etc.

List of all MBA Specialization in Ukraine

Know the area of management specialization available for studies in Ukraine:

Category Specialization
General Topics General MBA Programs
Finance / Account/Economics Finance
Investment / Insurance Investment / Asset Management
Resources and Environmental Management Agribusiness / Agriculture
Supply Chain and Operations Management Logistics
Healthcare Management Healthcare / Pharma / Biotech
Internal Business Management - Human Resource Administration
- Project Management
Marketing Management Marketing
Other Subjects LAW

Career Opportunities

Guide to future career opportunities after completing MBA course from Ukraine:

  • Students have a career in all areas of management after their graduation in Ukraine.
  • Specialization is available in all the leading branches of business management.
  • Students get jobs in global incs at the top-level management of the organization.

Ukraine: Safety Index Rank

See where does the Ukraine stands in the safety index ranking of the world:

Rank Nation Global Finance Safety Index Score
115 Cameroon 13.56
116 Ukraine 13.91
117 Congo 13.96
118 Venezuela 13.98
119 Mali 14.15

Student's VISA

See the information about getting student’s VISA:

  • It is mandatory to acquire a student’s VISA to study in Ukraine.
  • The embassies issue the VISA between 15th July to 15th Nov.
  • A short interview is conducted where you have to explain your purpose to study in Ukraine.

Documents Required to Apply for VISA

  • Original invitation letter of the university.
  • Legalized educational documents from the ministry.
  • Original birth certificate of the candidate.
  • HIV-AIDS - negative reports.
  • Passport size photos. (12).
  • Statement of the bank - A proof of financial capacity.

Cost of Living

See the table below to understand the monthly living expenses in Ukraine:

Particulars Amount (USD) Amount (INR)
External Accomodation 300 21,000
Food (Monthly Cost) 50 3,500
Transportation (Pass) 10 700
Monthly Grocery 10 700
Basic Amenities 50 3,500
Total Monthly Expenditure (Avg) 420 29,400

Calculation: 1$ = 70 INR

About Ukraine

Read more data about Ukraine:

Ukraine is a country in the eastern European region famous for its production of manufacturing of vehicles and spacecraft. Russia borders the country in east and north, Belarus in northwest and Poland, Hungary, Slovakia to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest with the black sea and Azov in the south.

Ukraine is centralized in central Asia. The location is suitable for agricultural land where the crops are nurtured pretty well. Ukraine has an abundance of natural resources that contains natural gas, iron and coil.

Religion Orthodox Christianity
National Currency Hryvnia
Capital City Kyiv
Rate of Exchange (Oct 2020) 1 Hryvnia = 2.58 INR
Population 49,000,000
Official Language Ukrainian
Climate 20°F to 78°F
Time Difference 3 hrs 07 min behind India


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