ENGINEERING IN RUSSIA ,has created a milestone in the field of engineering from the very beginning. Study of design, optimization, maintenance and creation of different systems and machines is known as Engineering. In Engineering, students can learn a large and wide variety of topics such as design, advanced problem solving and mathematics. Russia is a country in northern Eurasia and it is officially known as ‘Russian Federation’. Education in Russia is regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science and it is mainly provided by the state. Foreign applicants can enroll for any one of the 4 year bachelor’s programmes in Engineering at Russia. The second stage of the study programme can be a degree programme in Master of Engineering. This education can be continued for next 3 to 4 years for deep scientific research. Thus, Russia has full scope for engineering education and it offers best engineering programs. Rather Engineering in Russia has 5 years specialists programmes also which are offered by some Russian universities. This Engineering education in Russia can be offered in English or Russian language.

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Engineering Course: Quick Highlights

Course Level Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral
Eligibility Criteria A candidate who have completed 10+2 years of education in Science discipline with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
Duration of Course 3 years/4 years/5 years
Examination Type Semester Pattern
Course Fees 2000 US dollars to 3700 US dollars per year (That is, Rs. 1.31 Lakhs to 2.20 Lakhs (approx.))
Course Type Full time/Distance learning mode
Top Recruiting Companies Halliburton, Kofax, NVIDIA, Intel Corporation, Philips, Dell, ABB, Siemens PLC, SAP, Ericsson-Worldwide, Badoo etc.
Advance Courses Ph.D.
Job Positions Project Engineer, Senior Engineer, Chief Engineer, System Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Researcher, Professor etc.
Starting Salary Offered 27000 US dollars to 80000 US dollars per year (Rs.21-63 Lakhs INR/Year approx).

List of Top Engineering Colleges in Russia

Following is a list of top universities in Russia for Engineering:

  • 1
    Military Engineering Technical University - This college was established in the year of 1810. In this college, special rules are applied for foreign students. Per year, 1500-2000 students can be accommodated at the college. Sanitary Engineering, Military Power Engineering and Civil Engineering are some of the courses offered by the college.
  • 2
    Moscow Power Engineering Institute - In the year 1930, the college was established. Power Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering are some of the courses offered by this college.
  • 3
    Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering - In the year 1967, this college was established. Radio Engineering, Automation Engineering and Electronics Engineering are courses offered by this university.
  • 4
    Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University - The college was started in the year of 1917. The courses offered for almost 15000 students per year in this college are:-

    i) Construction

    ii) Sanitary Engineering

    iii) Power Engineering

    iv) Civil Engineering

    v) Communication Engineering

    vi) Electronics Engineering

    vii) Information Technology

  • 5
    Saint Petersburg Academic University - This college has been established in the year 1997. With respect to other colleges in Russia, this is a new one. Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Power Engineering are the courses offered by this college.
  • 6
    Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology - In the year 1828, this college was established. Out of the most prestigious and old colleges in Russia, this is the one. Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering and Sanitary Engineering are the courses offered by this college.
  • 7
    Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University - This college has been established in the year 1899. The college has almost 30,000 students and more than 5000 academic staff. Out of 30000 students, 3000 students are foreigners.
  • 8
    Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics - Both the types of courses, undergraduate and postgraduate are offered by this college. In the year 1906, this college was established. Almost 27000 students can be accommodated per session in this college. Construction, Entrepreneurship and Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Business and Commerce are the courses offered by this college.
  • 9
    Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies - In the year 1900, this college was established. After that, in the year 2009, the university got the title of the National Research University. Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Information and Applied Engineering are the courses offered by this college.
  • 10
    Tomsk Polytechnic University - More than 1,00,000 technical specialists have graduated from this University till date. This college was established in the year 1896. Today, the university has more than 22,000 students. Applied physics and Engineering, Power Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Military Department, Construction are the courses offered by this college.
  • 11
    Dublin City University - It was established in 1975. DCU is world’s one of the young leading universities. It has got strong reputation for world class research.

Top Engineering Universities/Colleges in Russia (with Fee Structure)

Name of the Institute Fees for the Complete Course (approx.)
Military Engineering Technical University Rs.1.48 Lakhs/Year
Moscow Power Engineering Institute Rs.1.97 Lakhs/Year
Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering Rs.2.07 Lakhs/Year
Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University Rs.2.07 Lakhs/Year
Saint Petersburg Academic University Rs.2.20 Lakhs/Year
Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology Rs..2.07 Lakhs/Year
Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University Rs.1.97 Lakhs/Year
Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics Rs.2.20 Lakhs/Year
Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies Rs.2.07 Lakhs/Year
Tomsk Polytechnic University Rs.2.20 Lakhs/Year

Merits of Studying Engineering in Russia (Indian Students)

  • The medium of education for Engineering in Russia is either English or Russian. Those who can not afford engineering in Russia in English medium can opt for Russian medium of education. However, to master the Russian language, candidates must take an intensive 10 months coaching.
  • Russian universities have started welcoming aspiring engineers by offering newly launched programmes such as biomedical engineering, nuclear power engineering and computer science engineering etc.
  • Engineering colleges in Russia follow best Engineering syllabus. Thus, an engineering degree taken through Russia has high value across the world.
  • In addition to biomedical engineering, nuclear power engineering and computer science engineering etc., there are more courses at the different top engineering colleges in Russia like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Information and Applied Engineering, Applied physics and Engineering, Construction, Entrepreneurship and Finance, Radio Engineering, Automation Engineering, Sanitary Engineering and Military Power Engineering for students to choose from.
  • Compared to other countries in Europe, studying Engineering in Russia is very cheap. Cost of living is also affordable. Thus, engineering in Russia, is best option for indian students among all different study abroad programs.
  • Russia has increased the number of scholarships for engineering, medical and all such major courses, as more and more students are heading towards Russia for education.
  • There are no visa restrictions. A multiple entry visa is given to the students which should be renewed by the students at the end of each year.
  • If area is considered, Russia is a very large country. Thus, it has over 940 universities which are stretched over 80 regions of Russia, from Vladivostok through St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad.
  • Engineering colleges in Russia do not need any English language proficiency test as a compulsory eligibility criteria, like IELTS or TOEFL. But students need to take a mandatory one year’s Russian language education. Learning Russian would be advantageous for students as Russian is a language which is spoken by 240 million people worldwide.
  • Students can experience cultural diversity while studying Engineering in Russia as students from different Asian and European countries come to Russia for studies.

Subjects for a Course of Engineering In Russia

The top core Engineering subjects are as follows:

  • Engineering Graphics
  • Engineering Fluid Mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Experimental Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Materials Science

Course Duration of Engineering in Russia

A Bachelor’s program for ‘Engineering in Russia’ is of the duration 4 years. Students can further study a Masters program in Engineering for 2 years. There are also 5 years specialists programs offered by some of the Russian universities. Thus, the duration of Engineering courses in Russia is either 4 years, 2 years or 5 years.

Eligibility Criteria To Take Admission

  • Students must have passed a 10+2 or equivalent exam with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with minimum 40%.
  • For foreign students, clearance from embassy is a must.
  • Foreign students also need to appear for a qualifying test. But for every college or university, it is not compulsory.
  • Foreign students would also need to clear a medical test.

Scope of Engineering in Russia

In Russia, there are many multinational companies. Thus, there is a large scope and requirement of engineers in Russia. Best Engineering syllabus is followed at the engineering colleges in Russia.

The jobs at the management or senior management level require highly skilled professionals. Thus, the category of jobs which require extremely highly skilled professionals and engineers are often offered to foreigners.

How To Find Engineering Jobs in Russia?

For foreigners, finding jobs in Russia, might not be easy. Foreign experts are highly demanded in Moscow, but this demand is limited to specific sectors. Business development, IT, Human Resources and Finance are the sectors which have a huge demand of skilled people. Sales managers, sales people and engineers are in greatest demand.

In Russia, there are plenty of job websites and recruitment agencies which have job opportunities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Highly qualified people, who have aim to hit big corporate companies are best suited for these kinds of opportunities.

Candidates can also directly contact international companies from their country and can ask if they have their business in Russia.

One more good channel to find jobs in Russia are Recruitment agencies. Lapa, g-nius, Texon, Target Jobs, Global Vision, Moscow city, St. are some of the best recruitment agencies in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Some useful websites for finding jobs in Russia are:

  • Xpat Jobs
  • CareerJet
  • ExpatRu
  • Go Go Jobs
  • Rabota and many more……..

Scholarships Programmes

Russia offers 3 types of scholarships for international students, those are:

  • 1
    Government Funded Russian Scholarships - To study in Russia, a set number of state scholarships are available for international students. It includes free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen programme, maintenance allowance, and dormitory accommodation. The scholarship amount is 1,500 rubles per month (or Rs.1,665/month). In 2018, 15,000 such spots for scholarships have been granted.
  • 2
    Non-government Russian Scholarships for international students-

    i) Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project

    ii) Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships

    iii) The school of Russian and Asian scholarships (SRAS)

    iv) American Councils Scholarships

    v) BP in Russia Research Scholarships

  • 3
    University-Specific Russian Scholarships for international students - These are the scholarships which are awarded by individual universities for excellent academic performances of the students. Some scholarships can provide students all the three, that is, stipend, free tuition and free accommodation, some scholarships may provide stipend to students, while some may provide free tuition or accommodation to students.

Some of such top engineering universities which provide engineering scholarships are:

  • Moscow institute of Physics and Technology(MIPT),
  • National Research University,
  • National University of Science and Technology,
  • Tomsk State University,
  • Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University,
  • Russian International Olympic University.

Career Prospects (After Completion of Engineering from Russia)

Engineers are in high demand in Russia. Thus, many Russian universities are attracting foreign students and researchers across the world by offering scholarships:

  • A lot of career choices are offered by Russia to engineering graduates. Airlines, construction, Software, Shipping and mining are various industries where most of the foreigners and engineering graduates can get jobs.
  • Russia has a very bright future for engineering graduates. Many multinational companies in Russia are hiring Russian graduates from executive positions to blue collar jobs. Thus, Russia is not only a study destination, but it is also full of career opportunities.
  • Students who study engineering in Russia, can get a work visa using which they can stay and work in the country for the duration of their student visa.
  • Engineering programs in Russia are designed in such a way that students can also start their own company after studying them. There are lots of opportunities for students to start their own company after engineering in Russia.

Top Recruiters

ABB GE Transportation
Cisco Siemens
FedEx Express Marriott International
Intel Corporation Nokia
Emerson Amdocs
Microsoft GE Healthcare

Salary Offered to Engineering Graduates

  • The minimum starting salary of an Engineering graduate in Russia is Rs.1.86 Lakhs/Year.
  • It can go on increasing and can reach up to Rs.5 Lakhs/Year to Rs.16.38 Lakhs/Year.
  • With the increasing number of years of experience and knowledge the salary can rise up to Rs.83-84 Lakhs/Year.
  • In Russia, much better and higher salaries are provided to engineering graduates.

Accommodation Facilities For Students in Russia

Students can find the best option for accommodation as per their budget in Russia. While studying Engineering in Russia, students can get 3 types of accommodation options which are a university’s hostel, a host family or a rental apartment. Most importantly, academic success of a student depends upon the choice of a place of a student where he/she would stay.

University Hostel (Dormitory)

  • It is the most affordable option from a student’s point of view. At most of the top business schools in Russia, these dormitories are located on the campus or not far from the university. A room is shared by 2 to 4 number of students.
  • The accommodation fee can vary in between 500 to 5,000 roubles per month depending on the selected university and the city where the university is located in. But it is much cheaper option compared to a rental apartment.
  • A dormitory room typically consists of chairs, closets, beds and nightstands, bookshelves, writing desks etc.
  • Students can make the payment on a monthly basis or termwise or they can make full payment in advance for the whole academic year.

Rental Apartment

  • The most expensive apartments in Russia are at Moscow and St. Petersburg. The rent of an apartment in a city depends upon the size of the city and its distance from the other major cities.
  • If the university which is selected by a student does not have dormitory facility then he/she can look for a rental apartment or a room.

Host Families

  • Universities also help students in finding lodging options which includes finding host families.

Cost of Living in Russia

  • Students would need to spend 500 to 35,000 roubles per month (Rs.1,000-35,000/month) on lodging, depending upon the region, location and type of lodging (such as dormitory, rented room or apartment or host family).
  • Depending on the region, university and discipline, cost of studying engineering in Russia can vary from $1,900 - $11,000 (Rs.1.48 Lakhs/Year-Rs.2.20 Lakhs/Year).
  • The cost of a minimum shopping basket in Russia which contains bread, fish, pasta, meat, milk, sugar, fruit, vegetables etc. is 4209 roubles (Rs.4,672) for a month.
  • Students can go for a medical insurance policy which is optional and which costs $60-$180 per year (that is, Rs.3,600-Rs.10,800/Year).
  • The cost for Moscow subway’s single journey is around 55 roubles (Rs.61.05), while 747 roubles (Rs.829.17) is the cost of a 20-journey travel card. Thus, for Indian students, Engineering in Russia would cost an additional amount of Rs.3.25 Lakhs-Rs.3.50 Lakhs/Year as a cost of living in Russia.

Safety in Russia

  • It is safe for students to live in Russia while studying engineering. It is not as dangerous as any other developed country. But everyone including students should not forget to take basic safety measures when away from home.
  • Everyone should stay alert at public places, in the crowd and in public transport.
  • One should not carry large amounts of cash when travelling.
  • One should be alert about the possibility of theft, mugging or pickpocketing.

Russian Student Visa

Through the Russian embassy or Russian Consulate in the country of residence of a student, student visas can be obtained.

A student visa which is valid for 3 months will be issued first. Students should apply for visa extension after this period of 3 months. At the time of extending a student visa, students will get a 1 year extension. This extension will be every time when students extend their visa. This process should be carried out for the duration of their academic programme.

International applicants who want to study Engineering in Russia or those who want to study any other courses, must get a passport and a visa.

Documents Required for Students Visa to Russia

  • Visa application form.
  • A latest passport size photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm).
  • A copy of original official invitation letter from the concerned college or university for entry to Russia.
  • A copy of the front page of the international passport.
  • Parental consent to travel certified by a notary is required for applicants who are under 18 years of age.
  • Certificate of HIV with HIV negative status.
  • A receipt or something as a proof of the payment of tuition fees.

About Russia

  • It is the largest country in the world with an area of 17098.242 thousand square kilometres. Russia is located across eastern Europe and Northern Asia.
  • ‘Moscow’ is the capital of Russia.
  • Population of Russia is about 143.800 million people and it ranks seventh in terms of population.
  • Russian is the official language of Russia.
  • In Russia, mostly there are believers of Christianity. Old Believers and the Molokans are included in it. The second most common religion in Russia is Islam. Buddhism, Judaism and Protestantism are the other common religions on the territory of Russia.
  • The two most important cultural and financial centers in Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • ‘Ruble’ is the currency of Russia.


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