ENGINEERING IN POLAND ,If you want to pursue your technical education abroad then yes Poland is the preferred choice for Indian students. Engineering in Poland offers the best infrastructure with a high quality of education. The quality is equivalent to the pattern of teaching, learning methodology, the standard of teaching, syllabus of engineering and the scopes after engineering. Engineering universities in Poland are globally recognized and they have the affiliation with a number of technical institutes abroad. Engineering in Poland offers great exposure to students by making technical education in Poland as one of the best across the globe. Polish universities provide excellent opportunities in terms of placements to hire fresh talent in Poland. Warsaw Institute of Technology in Poland is one of the top-ranked technical institutes across the globe.

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Engineering in Poland: Quick Overview

Following is the quick overview for study engineering in Poland:

Basic Eligibility 55% in PCM for General Category
50% in PCM for SC/ST/OBC
Tuition Fee (approx) Rs. 1.5-2.5 Lacs Per Year
Cost of Living in Poland Rs. 11,000-15,000 Per Month
Course Duration 4 year
Medium of Education English Language

Why Study Engineering in Poland?

Poland is the land that has the number of prestigious colleges and universities that offers excellent technical education to international students:

  • Poland has the best academic institutions that provide international standards in the field of Engineering.
  • Study Engineering in Poland is quite cheaper than other technical universities in Europe.
  • A safe and peaceful atmosphere for Indian students.
  • No donations required.
  • Poland offers a vibrant and enthusiastic culture for Indian students.
  • Most of the Polish universities offer scholarships to Non-EU students.
  • The safety index in Poland is much more than in other parts of Europe.
  • Polish universities have modern and advanced infrastructure.
  • Today, Poland has emerged as one of the finest destinations in the field of engineering.

Top Engineering Universities in Poland: Fee Structure

Following is the list of top engineering universities with an approximate fee structure:

Name of the Universities Annual Tuition Fees (approx)
Warsaw University of Technology INR 2.11 lakhs
Wroclaw University of Technology INR 2.48 lakhs
AGH University of Science & Technology INR 1.06 lakhs
Poznan University of Technology INR 1.09 lakhs
Lodz University of Technology INR 1.46 lakhs
Silesian University of Technology INR 1.94 lakhs
Gdansk University of Technology INR 1.65 lakhs
Cracow University of Technology INR 2.48 lakhs

Note: 1 USD - 70 INR (approx)

Courses Offered: For Engineering in Poland

Following are the courses offered in the field of Engineering by Polish Universities:

1.Aerospace Engineering

The field is equivalent to the study of rocket science with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Courses include in the field are heat transfer, fluid mechanics, material science, thermodynamics etc.

2.Agricultural Engineering

The engineers are responsible for monitoring and planning irrigation, drainage, flood water control system, performing environmental aspects and effluent systems.

3.Automation and Robotics

It is the fastest-developing field across the globe. It has the amalgamation of different areas of engineering. The task of the engineer in this field is to design, develop and maintain the complicated machines.

4.Biomedical Engineering

It is the field of engineering that encompasses the field of medical science and engineering. The field includes design knowledge and problem-solving skills with medical and biological sciences for advanced health-care treatment including diagnosis, monitoring and therapy.

5.Environmental Engineering

The field involves the study of soil science, chemistry and biology for the improvement of waste disposal, public health, water and air pollution control.

6.Civil Engineering

It is the field of engineering associated with the design, maintenance and construction of a physical and naturally built environment for the works like roads, canals, bridges, dams, buildings etc.

7.Electrical Engineering

The field of study acquires the principles from electricity, electronics, electromagnetism including the topic like power system, power electronics, electrical drives, high voltage engineering, signal processing, machine learning, biomedical imaging etc.

8.Computer Engineering

The field integrates the important aspects of electrical engineering and information technology by coding and algorithms for the software and hardware management systems.

9.Information Technology

The field comprises computer and telecommunication systems to send and receive the information in the form of data.

10.Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering field deals with the design, construction and development of machine parts. The fields include all aspects of engineering from design, development, production, manufacturing etc.

11.Power Engineering

The field deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electrical powers through the electrical devices like generators, transformers and electric motors.


The field associated with the manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones etc.


It is the field of engineering that integrates computer engineering snd electrical engineering to support and enhance telecommunication systems.

14.Thermal Power Engineering

It is the field of engineering that integrates electrical and power engineering. The engineer is responsible for monitoring the tasks in thermal power plants under various operating conditions.

Eligibility Criteria

Following is the eligibility criteria required to pursue engineering program in Poland:

  • The student must have cleared 10+2 examination.
  • Subjects should be Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Computer Science.
  • The certificate of higher secondary education is accepted if the total duration of education according to certificate has been 11 years.
  • Letter of admission required from the corresponding institute.
  • If the students have completed the studies from abroad whether it is matriculation or higher secondary have the right to apply for engineering universities in Poland.

Admission Procedure: For Engineering in Poland

Below are the simple admission procedure for Engineering studies in Poland is as follows:

Step 1: Find your program

Step 2: The first step is to select the right choice for your engineering course. There are huge number of programs are available under the engineering field.

Step 3: Meet eligibility requirements

Step 4: Students need to satisfy the eligibility requirements as prescribed by the universities for engineering courses. An eligible candidate will get an official offer letter from the Polish university.

Step 5: Apply for the visa

Step 6: Students need to apply for a student visa for study engineering in Poland. Visa process is completely hassle-free and convenient.

Step 7: Find financial resources

Step 8: Students belong to a low-income group will get benefits from the universities as the Polish universities offer the scholarship for foreign students.

How to Apply?

  • Apply through the online portal of the official website of the university.
  • Send the documents to the university via email.
  • Wait for the document verification and review process.

Documents Required

  • Copy of passports
  • Flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Financial statement
  • Copy of Mark sheets
  • Letter of acceptance from the university
  • Proof of language proficiency test
  • Application fee receipt
  • Health insurance
  • Passport-sized photographs

Career Scopes after Completing Engineering from Poland

Following are the career opportunities after engineering in Poland:

  • The organizations dealing with tools and techniques employ engineers from Poland.
  • Students will get paid with a higher package with great work profiles.
  • Students can pursue post graduation from recognized universities in Poland.
  • There are international research organizations that hire engineers from Polish universities.
  • There is a great demand for polish engineers across the world.
  • Opportunity to obtain a permanent residence visa in Poland for the engineers in Poland.
  • Excellent and rewarding career opportunities are available for the students after completion of engineering in Poland.

About Poland

Poland is the country located in central Europe that links the forested lands of northwestern Europe to the sea of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by 7 nations. It is one of the fascinating countries that serve the cultural and geographical crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. Poland is the 7th biggest country on the continent that acquires the total area of a 312,679-kilometer square.

Poland has a moderate continental climate surrounded by the ocean climatic influences. The average annual temperature ranges between 6-8°C with an estimated rainfall at 700mm. Poland is the land of striking beauty surrounded by forests, rivers, tall mountains and broad plains. The country has a cultural and historic architecture that rectifies the history of Poland.


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