AVIATION IN UKRAINE ,It is not less than a dream to study Aviation in Ukraine for many Indian students because the Ukrainian aviation sector is diverse and growing rapidly. Not only it has become a reason for economic growth, but it has created employment for many people. It promotes tourism and foreign trade in Ukraine. Also, the sectors funded directly by aviation are constantly developing. If you are planning to study aviation, consider applying for an aviation program in Ukraine. In addition to gaining world-class education in all aspects of the aviation industry, students will also get several employment opportunities available in the country. Several top-ranked aviation universities in Ukraine offer an excellent level of aviation management education. Academicians train students for managerial positions in the aviation industry, such as airport operations, airline ground personnel, or other areas relevant to aviation. Ukraine is quite an affordable country, and the cost of education is also reasonable. And after the course, the students can get a good salary package. As the universities train to make the students industry-ready. All the Aviation Universities and institutions of Ukraine are globally acknowledged. The Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science provides the license to aviation universities. And the administration of Ukraine looks after the Aviation industry and institutions in Ukraine.

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Aviation in Ukraine - Important Highlights

Find below quick details related to Aviation in Ukraine:

Intake April 2021
Entrance Exam Professional Test
Course Duration Bachelor Degree Courses- 3.5 - 4 Years
Master Degree Courses- 1.5 - 2 Years
Minimum Annual Fees 2200 USD/year
Maximum Annual Fees 30,000 USD/year
Top Aviation Universities National Aviation University
Kharkiv National Aerospace University
Kirovograd State Flight Academy of Ukraine
Medium of Teaching English
Recognition Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Cost of Living 150$- 200$ per month

Benefits of Studying Aviation in Ukraine

There are many reasons which make Ukraine one of the best destinations to pursue Aviation:

Aviation universities of Ukraine are globally recognized and are accredited by the Government of Ukraine. Not only from India but students from different countries pursue Aviation in Ukraine. Here are some of the reasons -

  • Affordable Education.
  • Splendid Education Material Base.
  • All the universities are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory for international students.
  • Easy Admission Procedure.
  • Enormous Employment Opportunities.
  • Safe and Secure learning environment.
  • The English language is used as a medium of teaching.
  • Technical training provided to students along with theory lectures.
  • Opportunity for international students to learn from cadets and industry experts.
  • Students get a chance to attend International seminars, training, and workshops.
  • Exposure to European life standards and culture.
  • State-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, and modern teaching methods.

Aviation in Ukraine Fee Structure 2021

The tuition Fee of Aviation universities in Ukraine is affordable, and every year, thousands of students enroll in different programs and specialties:

Kharkiv National Aerospace University

Courses Annual Tuition Fee Annual Hostel Fee
Bachelor Degree Courses 2500 USD 1000 USD
Master Degree Courses 3000 USD 1000 USD

Kharkiv University of Air Force

Courses Annual Tuition Fee Annual Hostel Fee
Aircraft Maintenance Bachelor 2200 USD 400 - 850 USD
Avionics(Bachelor) 2200 USD 400 - 850 USD
Computer Engineering (Bachelor) 2200 USD 400 - 850 USD
Airport Technological Facilities (Master’s degree) 3000 USD 400 - 850 USD

National Aviation University

Courses Annual Tuition Fee Annual Hostel Fee
Aviation, Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering 3950 USD 700 - 1000 USD
Airplane & Helicopter Manufacturing 3850 USD 700 - 1000 USD
Manufacturing of Engines of rocket-space craft 3950 USD 700 - 1000 USD
Systems of Control and Automation 3850 USD 700 - 1000 USD

Kirovograd State Flight Academy

Courses Annual Tuition Fee Annual Hostel Fee
ICAO standard programs 5000 USD 500 - 700 USD
Commercial Pilot Course 20000 USD 500 - 700 USD
Commercial Pilot Course (with the right to fly multi-engine aircraft) 30000 USD 500 - 700 USD

Eligibility Criteria

Indian students must meet the qualifying requirements in order to secure admission to one of the aviation universities in Ukraine:

  • Applicants must have completed higher secondary to enroll for a BachBachelor'sree course in Aviation.
  • For Master Degree courses, Indian students must have completed Bachelors'.
  • Students must have a passport.
  • Students must have medical insurance (valid for one year)

Admission Process

Students must follow the admission guidelines to get enrolled in one of the aviation courses in Ukraine:

Step 1: Download the application form and details of the documents.

Step 2: Appear for the professional test.

Step 3: Scan all the necessary documents.

Step 4: Submit an online application

Step 5: Attach all the documents along with the application form

Step 6: The Applicant will receive an invitation/confirmation letter from the university.

Step 7: Pay the Tuition Fee and collect the receipt

Step 8: Apply for a long term student Visa to the nearest Ukraine Embassy.

Step 9: Inform the university about the arrival date and time.

Documents Required

The applicants will need these documents to secure admission to the Aviation Program in Ukraine:

  • Document of Higher Secondary
  • Documents of Bachelor Degree (For Master Degree Courses)
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Medical Insurance
  • Visa
  • Copy of professional test results
  • Passport size photos - 10

Courses Offered by Aviation Universities of Ukraine

Ukrainian Aviation Universities offers various Engineering and Management courses to train students and enhance their skills:

Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Structure Building
Engineering in Aeronautics Avionics
Airspace Control systems of flying machines and their complexes Systems of control and automation
Airplane and helicopter manufacturing Aviation, Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering
Airplane & Helicopter Manufacturing Spacecraft engines and power plan
Aerospace heat engineering aviation Aircraft engine manufacturing

Duration of Aviation Course in Ukraine

The duration of Aviation programs in Ukraine is given below:

The course duration of the Bachelors' program of Aviation degree is 3.5 - 4 years, and Masters' course is 1.5-2 years.

Ukrainian Aviation

Universities Ranking 2021

The following are the rankings of Ukrainian Universities of Aviation approved by the Ministry of Education and Research:

Name of the University World Rank Country Rank
National Aviation University 2672 10
Kharkiv National Aerospace University 5289 56
Kirovograd State Flight Academy of Ukraine 13697 192
Kharkiv University of Air Force 3557 32

Medium of Teaching

Universities of Ukraine follow 2 Mediums for Teaching Aviation:

  • Aviation courses in Ukraine are taught in Ukrainian and English Language.
  • International Students will have to fulfill the language requirement by appearing for a professional test.

Aviation in Ukraine - Academic Calendar 2021

Important Dates to remember for taking admission in Aviation university:

Events Dates
Application Date April 2021
Confirmation Letter Within 7-15 days
Admission Date August 2021
Late Admission August 2021

Accreditation & Recognitions

The Aviation course from the recognized university of Ukraine is accepted world-wide as it has the following recognitions and accreditations:

  • Observatory Magna Charta Universitatum
  • IAU - International Association of Universities
  • CRE - Club of the Rectors of Europe
  • Education and Science Ministry - Ukraine

Career Opportunities after Completing Degree in Aviation

A promising career is waiting for Indian students after getting a Degree in Aviation from Ukraine:

Indian students can plan and choose from different career options -

  • Commercial Pilot
  • Designing or Repairing Airplanes
  • Computer Programming
  • Air Traffic Control Official
  • Airport Operations and Management

Hostel & Accommodation

Students will get accommodation in university hostels while studying aviation in Ukraine:

  • Aviation Universities in Ukraine provide hostel facilities to international students.
  • The hostels are available on a shared basis with all the basic amenities.
  • University hostel rooms are provided with beds, tables, chairs, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and other necessary things.
  • Students get food facilities at the hostel canteen, and it is quite reasonable. Many of the universities canteens offer Indian food as well.
  • The university's hostel facility is affordable and Indian students avail themselves of it.

Visa Requirement

Applicants willing to pursue Aviation In Ukraine must fulfill these requirements to get a visa:

  • Students may apply for a visa at the nearest Ukrainian Embassy after obtaining an invitation letter from the university.
  • The Ukraine Embassy accepts visa applications of studstudent'soughout the year. Students can apply according to their convenience.

Documents Required for Visa

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate (Notarized and Translated into the Ukrainian language)
  • Invitation Letter from university
  • Original Documents of Higher Secondary
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Sponsorship Letter from parents/guardian
  • Travel Health Insurance (Valid for one year)

Note: Get the documents notarized and translated into the Ukrainian language.

Education System in Ukraine

All Ukrainian Aviation Universities follow a certain education system:

  • Universities of Aviation in Ukraine follows a semester system, and some credits are decided for each semester.
  • Students have to earn those credits to clear the semester.
  • The credits are based on attendance, marks in exams, participation in extracurricular activities, and some other factors.
  • Practical training of the Aviation course begins in the second year.

Cost of Living

Find below the average cost of living in Ukraine (per month):

Particular Expenses (In USD) Expenses (In INR)
Accommodation 88$ -145$ Rs 6160 - Rs 10150
Food 75$- 135$ RS 5250 - Rs 9450
Transport 40$- 60 $ Rs 2800 - Rs 42000

Note: 1 USD = Rs 70

How Safe is Ukraine for Students?

Ukraine is the second largest continent after Russia and is also a safe place to live:

  • It is one of the ideal and most lively nations to live in.
  • Students get a friendly environment to live during their study
  • A lot of students from different countries pursue higher education in Ukraine.

Places to Explore in Ukraine

Foreign students during their stay in Ukraine can explore these places:

Ukraine holds second position of being the largest country in the eastern part of Europe. Ukraine has it all, from dynamic architecture to sandy beaches and exuberant vegetation.

  1. Kiev - Medieval structures and majestic architecture in the Soviet style.
  2. Odessa - Popular for sandy beaches and pleasing weather.
  3. Uman - Known for botanical garden and research centre
  4. Carpathian Mountains - Rich with dense trees and small villages
  5. Mukachevo - Filled with vivacious churches and remarkable architecture.

About Ukraine

  • One of the largest countries in Europe, Ukraine is known for its diverse culture and rich heritage.
  • Ukraine is rarely exposed to foreigners, despite being one of the largest countries in Europe.
  • It is the safest place for international students to live and study.
  • Ukraine has a typical temperate continental climate, but there is a humid subtropical climate on the southern Crimean coast.
  • Other than that, One of the highlights of Ukraine is the iconic nightlife.
  • Ukraine is part of several international organizations.
  • They are the United Nations (UN), the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the EU Energy Community, GUAM, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).


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